Thanksgiving Abs

Thanksgiving is the favorite holiday of many for several reasons - an opportunity to Lead with Gratitude (A Core Value here here at The Abs Company); to see family and friends; for football and FOOD! And lots of it!

Here are my secrets to enjoying the delicious food and offerings while keeping those abs in check. This workout should be done on Thanksgiving morning or (Pre-meal).

Ok, here is why the pre- holiday workout is super critical. By doing this workout, your abs will be a bit sore and you will have that mind-muscle connection of feeling your abs ever so slightly when moving about. I found you will eat less since you will be reminded of how hard you worked and you don’t want to just eat away those abs.

We will select 4 exercises and do 3 rounds of each.

At a relative’s home or hotel room – no equipment workout:

  1. Spiderman push-ups – 10 reps while alternating bringing knee to elbow
  2. Plank – 45 seconds
  3. Mountain climbers – 10 to 12 each leg
  4. Bicycle sit-ups – bring knee to elbow (45 seconds)

Complete 3 rounds of this workout

With equipment

  1. Ab Coaster – 10 reps to the front, 10 each on the obliques and max out 5 reps on each oblique (alternating) until totally gassed out
  2. Abs Bench X2 –  10 reps on upper abs crunch, 10 reps on lower abs only, and 10 reps (double crunch)
  3. Reverse ab curl ups on Target Abs Bench or decline bench – 10 – 15 reps
  4. Vertical Crunch Machine – 10 reps (front crunch) 10 each for left and right oblique

Complete 3 rounds of this circuit

For best results, do this workout on Friday morning as well before hitting the road back home or prior to hitting the stores for Black Friday. Enjoy the pumpkin pie – by doing this workout – you deserve it!