The Importance of Ab Training

It’s no secret that many people often associate good physical health with a strong core. Virtually every fitness model flaunts a six-pack or flat stomach, and the marquee aspect of one's weight loss tends to be a reduction of gut size. Flat, more defined stomachs and abdomen are simply attractive to a mass number of people. But, what makes a strong core so important? 

Core strength is essential for proper balance and stability throughout the body, and this is especially imperative for athletes. In sports like baseball, wrestling, basketball, and so many others, where balance is extremely important, core strength becomes a major advantage for top competitors. A strong core allows for these athletes to stabilize themselves, and maintain peak control over their bodies. 

Even for non-athletes, core strength remains an essential part of one's health. Specifically, a strong core can significantly lessen one's lower back pain. This is because strong core muscles help with spinal alignment and reduce risk of back injury, making it extremely beneficial for individuals of all fitness levels. 

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