Top Ten Home Fitness Gifts This Holiday Season

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The holidays are rapidly approaching, and for many, the gift-buying frenzy that comes with the month of December is already in full swing. If you’re struggling to find gifts for friends and family, look no further than some of the awesome home workout products that the fitness industry has to offer. Thanks to our friends over at FitBench for helping to compile this list, and here are the top ten home fitness products this holiday season.

  1. X3S™ Bench

    This machine delivers the best design to work your abs, legs and glutes! The multi angle incline bench attachment makes the X3S™ Bench more versatile than a traditional Sissy Squat machine, and can assist with those working their way up to the full stand-up movement. 3 levels of incline allows for unlimited progressions. Incorporate dumbbells or medicine balls to increase the intensity and train your entire body. The X3S™ Bench is designed for portability, and easy storage. This hybrid full-body system provides maximum results in minimal space.

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  2. YBell

    The 4-in-1, versatile YBell facilitates kettlebell, dumbbell, dual-grip med ball, and push-up stand exercises. These compact, portable weights accommodate all fitness levels and workouts with a variety of denominations.

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  3. Ab Coaster® PS500

    The Ab Coaster® PS500 targets the entire ab region from a supported position. The knee carriage glides along the curved track, engaging the lower abs, then the middle and upper region, for a complete abdominal workout.

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    This all-in-one workout bench includes six sets of dumbbells, two kettlebells, a slam ball, and an 8-position elevating top for an endless variety of exercises. Available as a stand-alone bench or bundled with accessories, it comes with a FREE 7-day trial of the FITBENCH Train App.

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  5. Woodway Wattbike Pro/Trainer

    Replicating road riding, the heavy-duty Wattbike Pro/Trainer combines air and magnetic resistance to challenge riders, and provides the most scientifically accurate, in-depth workout data to track results and measure progress.

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    NOTE: Offer not available online and expires December 31, 2021.

  6. BattleRope ST® System

    Two great training methods in one awesome system! This unique system combines Body Weight Strength Training and Battle Rope training in ONE fun, engaging and effective workout! Perform Standing Oscillations, Chest Fly, Knee Ins, Slams, Hi Rows and more.

    Check it out HERE

  7. Transformation Protein

    A blend of egg white, collagen peptide, and plant-based proteins, Transformation Protein is all-natural, keto-friendly, and gluten- and dairy-free. Supporting muscle gains and brain function, each serving contains 30 grams of protein.

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  8. Jacobs Ladder

    The Jacobs Ladder X (JLX) offers four different climbing positions to train different muscle groups at various intensity levels. A redesigned display and dashboard highlight calorie burn, climb rate, total feet climbed, and intensity.

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  9. Echelon Reflect Mirror

    Experience more than 2,000 live and on-demand fitness classes, including HIIT, core, yoga, Pilates, kickboxing, and more — all from the convenience of home with the Reflect mirror, which fits nearly anywhere and doubles as high-end décor.

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  10. Hyperice Hypervolt Go

    The Hypervolt Go provides portable percussion massage in a light and powerfully small package so you can take it to the gym, on the road, or anywhere for the muscle relief and recovery you need to feel good and keep going.

At The Abs Company, we’re here for all of your fitness needs. We change lives from the core, and we are honored to assist our customers in getting a tremendous workout from the comfort of their own home. Whether you’re trying to blast your abs with the Ab Coaster, get a sensational full body workout with the X3S bench, or anything in between, we have a product for you. And for the month of December, we have some awesome deals going for a variety of our products. Check out our deals page for more information.