At The Abs Company we live by a set of Core Values that are Non-Negotiable. We don’t get to pick and choose which we like and we don’t get to decide when we live them. They are not just words to us, they are the TAC way of life. The Values are simple, but like most simple things, effective! They are: Gratitude, Leadership, Big Things and WIN! In short they describe 4 things.

Gratitude is our SPIRIT
Leadership is how we ACT
Big Things is our MENTALITY

These values can be applied to all aspects of life but I want to take a moment and relate them to your FITNESS JOURNEY. At The Abs Company we believe that Fitness Changes Lives! If the past 2 years have taught us anything it’s that health is, without a doubt, our most precious gift. We saw the fragility of it and we saw the lengths we’d go to protect it. Often in challenging times we are given the gift of clarity, but unfortunately once the challenge has passed, we forget the lessons. It is my hope for us all that we never forget the value of our health!

So how do we apply the TAC Values to our health?

Gratitude. Simply be grateful that you are healthy enough to move. It does not take some heroic effort to improve your fitness. Just MOVE. Do a little more than you did yesterday. Yes, there will be many days you don’t want to do it but if you approach your fitness with the grateful spirit that you have the opportunity to improve it, you’ll do just that!

Leadership. Always remember that you are the leader of you! The best leaders always show the way! They don’t talk. They ACT. No one will be there telling you to get up and move. It’s up to you. Embrace your inner leader and take charge of your health!

Big Things. This is simply a mindset that you are here to do something great with your life. This definitely applies to your health and fitness. We were not meant to drag around with low energy, tired all the time and unable to climb that flight of steps. We were given the gift of an incredible machine - our body! Picture yourself as vibrant, full of energy and the embodiment of strength! That’s exactly who you will become!

Win. By applying the first 3 values to your health and fitness, WIN is exactly what you will do. There is no greater WIN than improving your health and living a life of wholeness and vitality. The compound effect of making simple healthy choices daily will pay dividends you can not even imagine!

At The Abs Company we live by a singular purpose, We Change Lives from the Core®. It is our honor to stand alongside you on your journey to improving your health and fitness. We are with you every step of the way and can’t wait to hear about your success!