What About Me?

Imagine that you’ve decided that this is going to be your time to finally take charge of your health. You’re going to drop those pounds and get your energy back. You’re going to trade in your old habits for healthy ones. This is going to be your year!

You’re not sure where to begin so you decide to check out your local health club. Surely they will have what you need and you’ll be on your way. You muster up the courage and head down to the club to start your new life! When you walk in the door you’re nervous as you’re really not sure what to expect but you are hoping the club staff will show you the way!

After a short discussion about your goals the well intentioned staff member takes you over to the turfed are and you see things going on that you’ve only ever seen on TV! High energy, fit bodies are jumping, sprinting, hoisting weights and launching medicine balls. This, they tell you, is the path to fitness. Its called Small Group Training. As fun as it looks and as fit as the participants are, you cant help but ask yourself…. Can I do that? Am I ready for this? What about me??

This is the exact experience many of health club members face when they first decide to join a club. Sure the training methods of today will get you fit – perhaps more fit than you’ve ever been. However you have to stay in the game long enough to realize those results! The problem – as the industry data confirms – is the the High Intensity Training methods that are so popular today, often turn people off from exercise after they have tried it. The reason is obvious. Most people don’t want to work that hard and most people do not want to experience the discomfort that this type of training subjects them to.

In business its important to meet people where they are and then show them the path to where they want to be! If you jump right to the end, the majority of people just wont be ready. And even if you convince them to start, most wont finish. It’s no surprise that still today 50% of new members will quit within 6 months of starting a fitness program!

At The Abs Company we believe in the Lifecyle of a Member! This simple concept has guided our innovations for the past 10 years. We have equipment that will appeal to the beginner as well as the advanced exerciser. The facts are indisputable that the majority of people don’t exercise – period. The true path to success in the fitness industry is going after this group – not the hard core dedicated exercisers that will show up no matter what. If you can convert the non-exerciser to a lifelong fitness enthusiast not only do you help them change their life, but your business thrives as well! A win win. Lets get together and talk about how we can help you Change Lives from the Core!