Why Your Gym Needs An Ab Zone

Since the dawn of the fitness industry, some things have remained unchanged; gym members are probably looking for great cardio equipment, a nice spread of free weights, and effective selectorized machines. But there's a chance your gym is missing out on one specific fitness zone that your members will use every single day.

Here are a few reasons your gym should provide your members with a dedicated Ab Zone:

1. Abs Are Universal

It's no secret that everyone wants flat abs. But the beauty of offering a dedicated Ab Zone is that anyone can use it. Sure, you might have a terrific functional training zone, but tire flipping and sled pushing might not appeal to all of your members (my grandpa's tire flipping days are sadly over). But most ab training equipment is easy to use, subtle, and comfortable for any user.

2. Ab Training Can Help Your Members With Back Pain

Core training is one of the few fitness disciplines that can help your members to address back pain. According to Muscle & Strength, "strong internal oblique muscles reinforce the erector spinae fascia and pull it laterally. This reinforced fascia is therefore more efficient in supporting the spine. Working the oblique muscles along with the rectus abdominus for improved low-back health can be very important preventative medicine for lower back pain." So the next time you're giving a tour to a PT client who experiences back pain, your new Ab Zone will be the perfect talking point!

3. An Ab Zone Can Help To Keep Your Gym Clean

A clean gym is one of the first things your members look for, especially in the post-Covid world of 2021. A dedicated Ab Zone with easy-to-clean equipment will keep your members off the floor for most of their ab exercises. Plus, all ab training equipment from The Abs Company requires zero adjustments from your members, which means less touch points and less spread of germs.

So whether you have an existing Ab Zone in need of some sprucing up, or you're starting from scratch, we invite you to consider your core workout offerings at your gym. As always, if we can help you with this in any way, please let us know!