Your Game Plan For Staying Fit This Holiday Season

It’s that time of year again. We’ve all heard that the average person gains 5-10 lbs. between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It doesn’t magically appear on your body, it’s from eating more calories than our bodies need! If you struggle with this, let’s make a game plan to NOT gain weight this holiday season!

Have a plan! Going into any day (let alone around the holidays) without a plan will set you up for failure!

Overcome your excuses to keep workouts regular this time of year. For many, exercise is the first to go when the schedule piles up. Make exercise a priority every single day--both for your mental and physical health!

Look at your goals! It’s easy to fall off the bandwagon with no clear cut goals in front of you. Make an end of the year goal and work towards that- every day!

Identify what you really want to eat and say NO to everything else. This time of year there are treats galore everywhere. Do you really want that store bought sugar cookie? Or do you want a homemade dessert? The choice is yours every time. Knowing you have the choice and that it’s OK to say no will help you stay on track.

Decide to focus on your health instead of food. Can you remember what you ate last year? I can’t, but I can remember the X-mas workout I did with my family and it was fantastic!

Add in some exercise whenever you can. While standing and waiting for coffee to brew, bust out some kitchen counter push ups. You may scoff, but do them for 1 minute straight with perfect form, keeping your elbows in and you’ll get a serious workout! Every time you use the bathroom (put the lid down) and do 15 squats. These little minutes of movement do add up!

You are in charge of yourself and your health all year long. You cannot blame your Aunt Jeanne’s cake for your holiday weight gain. Get enough sleep, drink more water than you want, fill up on protein and fiber at every meal, then make the decision to move your body every single day!

We all know that no one keeps their New Year’s Resolutions, so let’s take care of ourselves all year long, especially during the holidays!
Your health is your wealth!

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