Why Buy an Ab Coaster® PS500?

If you're looking to get more definition in your abs for a leaner, healthier physique, you need the Ab Coaster® PS500. It's intuitive, easy to use, and highly effective. Learn more about adding an ab coaster to your home gym to get fit any time of the day or night.

How Does an Ab Coaster® PS500 Work?

ab workout - Ab Coaster® PS500 - the abs companyThe Ab Coaster® PS500 works the opposite of a traditional ab crunch. Instead of working from the top down, our coaster works from the bottom up and targets those challenging abdominal areas you can't quite reach. 

Here's how it works: Kneel on the carriage of the coaster and pull your knees up. You'll feel your lower abs engage first, followed by the middle to the upper region. It features a biometrically-designed curved track to revolutionize the ab crunch.

The Ab Coaster® PS500 features a workout console with ergonomic handles and padded arm pads. With a free-swivel seat, you can easily switch from a front raise to a side raise to target your obliques for a more comprehensive workout. Even if you're an abs pro, you'll enjoy progressive training by adding standard weights to the carriage.

Do Crunches Really Work?

Crunches help build muscle and target the abdominal muscles for a stronger core, which includes your lower back and obliques. It also targets those muscles that help develop six-pack abs. 

There are some downsides to doing a traditional crunch without the help of specially-designed equipment. You put yourself at risk for back and neck injuries as your spine flexes during crunches. Depending on your level of physical health, it's potentially unsafe for older adults. 

Crunches also need to be executed properly to target your abs and core. If you get the crunch wrong, you're not doing much to propel your health forward and could cause damage. 

What Equipment Should I Pair with an Ab Coaster?

The Ab Ball™ system - the abs companyPack in the power with your next workout by pairing your Ab Coaster® PS500 with our other highly effective equipment. Our Ab Ball™ System provides a complete ab workout ideal for sport-specific training. Attach it to a cable weight stack or use it with the included resistance bands. An additional door hanger enhances your functionality for unlimited raining potential.

The X3S™ Bench targets your abs, legs, and glutes with a multi-angle income. You can work on three levels of progressions by incorporating dumbbells and medicine balls while increasing the intensity of the workout. It's a hybrid full-body system that fits into a small space for your home gym.

What Else Do I Need to Do to Get Great Abs?

Doing target exercises is essential for toning and developing a leaner, more powerful physique. But you also need to work on lowering your subcutaneous and visceral fat. 

Lack of sleep is often associated with obesity, so make sure you get a minimum of seven hours of sleep a night. A diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables helps reduce your body fat to help reveal your powerhouse core. 

Eating more leafy greens, proteins, nuts, and some whole grains can also help refine your physique. You should also avoid sugary snacks, processed and fried foods, alcohol, and refined grains to keep your diet clean and optimized to show off your abs.


Can You Save Money on an Ab Coaster?

You can save on an Ab Coaster® PS500 with our financing options. We partner with ShopPay and GenevaCapital to create a more economical way to own an ab coaster. Check back periodically to watch for deals and specials to save even more on your favorite Abs Company equipment.

Next Steps

An Ab Coaster® PS500 is a perfect addition to your home gym with its results-driven, space-saving design. Ready to own one for yourself? Learn more about the Ab Coaster® PS500 and order today!