Abs Workout Equipment

Getting in optimal shape includes strengthening your core and abdominal muscles. Unfortunately, targeting just these areas is challenging without the right abs workout equipment. Instead of improving your abs, you could end up injuring your spine or neck, causing overall strain and fatigue. You may even experience a weakened core instead of one you're trying to strengthen.

Ready to take control of your fitness journey and strengthen your abs to get the results you want? Learn more about the best abs exercise equipment to set yourself up for success. 

6-Minute Ab Zone

If you're not sure where to start in your core-strengthening journey, get a comprehensive ab workout with the 6-Minute Ab Zone. Our isolated core exercise machines provide a dedicated circuit to get your abs in shape. The system is intuitive to use and alerts you to when to move onto the next abs machine. 

The Absebench™ X3

The Absebench™ X3 packs in a versatile workout in one piece of abs exercise equipment. Instead of just a single bench, it's designed with a dual-pivot mechanism to transform into three benches. Together, they all help you train your upper and lower abs either independently or together.

Abs equipment

The AbSolo®

The AbSolo® is among the best abs workout equipment on the market. Enjoy three touch targets for different training intensities that gamifies your fitness journey. You can also toss the included medicine balls into the suspended target and repeat for a more engaging way to get in your next workout.


An abdominal training bench with TargetAbs™ targets your abs and obliques with a reverse grip handle for a more powerful workout. Pair it with our other ab workout equipment for a core strengthening regimen that packs in the results. 

The LumbarX™

The LumbarX™ is more than an abs workout equipment; it also helps target your lower back, glutes, and hamstrings with one machine. The 45-degree back extension works with a telescoping height for a more rewarding and focused core workout. 

Ab Coasters

No abs workout equipment is complete without our game-changing Ab Coasters. They refine the traditional ab crunch and combine it with a challenging hanging leg raise. The coasters feature a curved track and help you stay in perfect form and complete an optimal lift, no matter your fitness level.

Check out these other ab coaster series to get the optimal abdominal crunch that gets results:

Choose your abs workout equipment based on the experience and results you're looking for. One option is the Ab Coaster® CTL with a unique bottom-up movement. The frictionless resistance creates a fluid motion that makes it easy to use for bodybuilders, new fitness enthusiasts, and even rehab patients. 

The Vertical Crunch™

The Vertical Crunch™ boasts a space-saving design that makes it easy for beginners to get started refining and strengthening their ab muscles. It also scales up to advanced users looking for a more challenging crunch. Just add the included plates to increase the resistance. 

The Abs Company Equipment

The Ab Ball™

The patent-pending Ab Ball™ is a multi-functional training accessory to complement your abs workout equipment. Just attach the included medicine ball to a cable weight stack or use it with resistance bands. If you're concerned about space, it also comes with a door hanger for in-home training.

Next Steps

The right abs workout equipment transforms your body and keeps you moving toward your goal. You can incorporate both functional and isolated exercises to strengthen your core for a lifetime of health and fitness. Ready to get your core in shape and finally get the results you're looking for? Browse our selection of fitness products today.