What is the Tireflip 180® (aka the Half Tire Flip Machine)?

The Half Tire Flip Machine is an innovative, highly-functional training device. At The Abs Company, we've developed, the TireFlip 180®. With a nod to the old-school tire exercise, you get a full-body workout without the hassle of needing so much space. It's easy to use and only requires about five feet of space to maximize your results while giving yourself a workout burn. 

Half Tire Flip Machine Features

Our TireFlip 180® is the original and patented flipping solution. When you're ready to start flipping the tire, you don't need to move aside furniture or carve out much space. It's easy to set up in your home gym or fitness center.

Instead, of flipping a loose tire across the gym, the Half Tire Flip Machine, known as the TireFlip 180®, goes back and forth on the base of the machine. Your clients can team up together, or walk around the machine in a few steps to flip it back the other way. It's also a great piece of equipment to help get in reps of other workouts and strengthening exercises, like push-ups or planks.

This Half Tire Flip Machine is also a progressive piece of workout equipment to help you reach your fitness goals. You can start with 100 pounds and load up your plants to increase resistance as you go. 

Get Fit and Increase Endurance

The TireFlip 180® takes a spin on a classic exercise that enhances your core and overall development from head to toe. Instead of just one exercise, you end up getting a full body workout that targets your glutes, hamstrings, quads, calves, lats, traps, biceps, triceps, forearms, and abs to help stabilize your movement. 

Unlike the traditional tire exercise, you can adjust the resistance to see better results. Use the interchangeable weights to increase the intensity and work your muscles harder than ever before.

Optimize Your Workout

When you're targeting several different parts of your body in one exercise, you can optimize your workout. Zeroing in on certain body parts, like the abs, is ideal for zone training. But if you want to hit several parts of your body at once, you need the TireFlip 180®, otherwise known as a Half Tire Flip Machine.

The exercise machine is perfect for beginners or anyone looking to take their workout to new levels. You can hit this piece of equipment hard for a fast workout, or add to your rotation to develop a powerful physique. 

Beyond looking incredible, you'll also feel better with more strength, endurance, and stability. Studies show working areas like your core lead to better harmony within your body for more efficient physical health and posture.

Customer Reviews

Our customers love the TireFlip 180® machine and what it offers their gym members looking to crush their fitness goals.

"My members absolutely love the Tire Flip 180. We use it as part of the small group training. The Tire Flip unit is one of our favorite pieces of equipment. Just the other day, I recommended it to my friend, who is having his grand opening right now. As my members are using the Tire flip, it is quickly becoming a staple in their workout routine. My members love it so much they actually text me to tell me how great it is and that they love it. Thank you, Abs Company! In a couple of months, I might be adding some of your other ab and core products into my Anytime fitness club." - Shamus Hoppner

The Half Tire Flip Machine is powerful enough for your fitness business, but small and efficient enough to use at home. Pair with the rest of our zoned, ab, and HIIT workout equipment to create a gym your clients love.

Next Steps

Ready to help your fitness clients get incredible results for their abs, core, and overall strength? The Half Tire Flip Machine delivers on a fun, functional, and highly effective workout. Shop the TireFlip 180® today!