3 Tips on Core-Glute Connection

Everyone wants a nice washboard stomach and high and tight glutes, but the reality is when it comes to health, safety and powerful performance - that pelvic structure and the way it moves and operates is one of the most critical things for us to nail down. It is absolutely essential to get the core and glutes to work together. Watch this video for 3 awesome tips to make that strong connection between your Core and your Glutes!

Exercise 1: Crunch with a Resistance Band
Take a light band, put it around your knees, put your feet up at a 90 degree angle on a wall or bench. Place your knees right above your hips, press your head forward and drop your knees back to engage your core. Do 10-20 crunches. This will work the core and glutes simultaneously.

Exercise 2:  Side Lift with Resistance Band
Lay on your side, drop the band down to your ankles with your legs relatively straight and a dumbbell on the ground next to you. Lift your top leg towards the ceiling to activate the glutes, and with your hand, either push or pull the dumbbell to engage the core. Do 2-3 sets of 10-20 reps each side.

Exercise 3:  Modified Hip Thruster with Resistance Band
Lay back on the ground with your heels underneath your knees, and the band above your knees. Bring your shoulders off the ground and your rib cage towards your glutes to engage the pelvic floor. Hold this posture for the whole motion. Then, bring the knees up for a reverse crunch. Once you bring your feet back down, go right into a hip thrust while maintaining your upper body posture. Do 2-3 sets of 10-20 reps.


About the Author:

Darcy Defrees. Darcy has proudly partnered with The Abs Company to help bring our followers and customers a safe and effective way to join us as “We Change Lives From The Core”. Both the meal plans and the exercises are a key component to Darcy’s continued success as a fitness professional.