5 Exercises on the TireFlip 180

The Patented TireFlip 180® is one of the most innovative, effective, and versatile products in the entire fitness industry. It allows users to get all the benefits of tire flipping in just a 4x5 footprint. But, not only do you get the benefits of tire flipping itself, there are also countless exercises you could use as a superset between flips to truly maximize your workout. Here are 5 exercises you should try on the TireFlip180®.

Incline Pushups

Mixing in an incline pushup between flips will really raise the upper body intensity of the workout. After you flip the tire, run around to the other side, and drop down for a pushup with your hands on the tire before your next flip. To increase the intensity, decrease the amount of rest time between repetitions, and promptly make your way to the other side of the tire after flipping it. By adding in the push-up, your chest will be way more engaged in the workout.

Box Jumps

By doing box jumps between flips, your legs will really be burning while flipping the tire. Not only do they have to work to flip the tire, they also have to run back and forth, and the box jump will truly up the intensity. Once you run around to do your next flip, stop, stand in place, and hop on the top of the tire with no run up. Then, jump down and proceed to your flip. To increase the difficulty, raise the number of box jumps between flips.

Step Ups

Steps ups are another way to additionally work your legs while flipping the tire. To do these, place one leg atop the tire. And then balancing on that leg, take your opposite leg and drive your knee up to the sky. This will really work the quads, and only strengthen your tire flipping abilities. Remember to do one of each leg before flipping the tire.

Knee Ins

Knee ins are a fantastic method of engaging the core between flips. They definitely require some practice and a strong core, but once you get going on these your core will be burning. Sit down on the tire, lean back balancing on your glutes, and bring your knees to your chest. This exercise requires the core to stabilize your body, making a very challenging workout. 3-5 reps is recommended between flips, but beginners should practice by doing 1-2.


If you want to get your arms pumped up between reps, dips are the perfect exercise for you. Combining dips off the TireFlip180® with tire flips will completely blast your triceps. To do these, simply put your back to the tire, put your palms down on it, extend your legs out straight away from the tire, and press through the palms to raise and lower your body weight. 3-7 reps of these between flips is the perfect range.

As you can see, the TireFlip 180® offers so much more than just flipping a tire. There is not one muscle group that can not be targeted on this machine, and adding in additional exercises between flips only adds to the intensity of the workout. For video demonstrations of these exercises, check out this video: