Are all Smoothies Healthy?

There’s no denying that there is a large variety of fruits and juices out there that can provide an extreme boost of nutrients to one's diet. Many smoothies are loaded with fruits and vegetables that give individuals a major boost of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and boost your overall health. The benefits of these have even been linked to a stronger immune system! But, are all smoothies healthy?

Some smoothies are healthy, but smoothie and juice drinkers should pick their selection carefully as many contain extremely high amounts of sugar, which can lead to issues such as taking in too many calories, as well as tooth decay. A study by Advanced Nutrition shows that the sugar amounts in certain fruit juices can lead to slight weight gain when consumed in excess.

Ultimately, however, the vast majority of smoothies and juices have positive dietary effects when consumed in moderation. But, the study does serve as a wake up call to ensure that customers are checking the nutrition facts on their smoothies and juices, and keeping their sugar intake to a healthy amount when consuming these beverages.

Here’s a great article and recipe for “The ultimate protein shake” from one of our in-house fitness enthusiasts. As always, contact us with any questions, or leave a comment here and we’ll always get back to you!