Best Glute Workouts on the TireFlip 180

The TireFlip® 180 provides a head-to-toe workout that goes beyond the traditional realm of tire flipping. Yes, tire flipping is a huge part of it, but the dynamic nature of the machine makes it so users can isolate any muscle of their choosing. Many users have found success working glute exercises into their tireflipping routine, and here’s a few of the most effective glute workouts on the TireFlip® 180. 


Did you know you can do deadlifts on the TireFlip® 180? This is a fantastic way to engage the glutes in a new creative way while using a small footprint. To perform this exercise, get in an athletic position with your knees and shoulders aligned and your glutes parallel to your knees. Then, with your arms extended down, grab the bottom of the tire and stand up straight, and then return to the original position. Ten reps of this will strongly replicate a deadlift motion and have those glutes burning!

Bulgarian Split Squats

Bulgarian split squats are one of the most effective ways to build glute muscles, and the TireFlip® 180 is perfect for them. Essentially, you replace the role of the bench with the tire! Except, you can now add tireflips into the routine. You do a split squat, you flip the tire, and your heart rate is up and your glutes are burning!

Box Jumps

The TireFlip® 180 is also the perfect size and shape to make for a great box jumping platform. While it may not have the height needed to require all out effort from a high level athlete, the addition of the flip between reps more than makes up for that. By combining the box jump and the tire flip, users will perform back to back movements that rely on the glutes for an explosive motion, really strengthening the muscle. 

So, don’t let the glute trend currently occurring in the fitness industry stop you from training on a tire. If anything, lean into the tire more! Supersetting a standard glute exercise with a tire flip is an outstanding way to keep your glutes engaged, while working on other muscles as well. And, with the TireFlip® 180, you can do it all in just a 4x5 footprint! Stronger glutes, new exercises, minimal space, what's better than that?