Core Stability

Core Stability:  core sta·bil·i·ty


  • the capacity of the muscles of the torso to assist in the maintenance of good posture, balance, etc., especially during movement.

In other words, Core Stability is the single most important factor when it comes to physical performance and good health. Without it, you are more prone to injury. 

Lack of core stability leads to poor posture and lack of balance, which leads to even bigger problems such as back and joint pain.  Core Stability is key for every sport and athlete.  It’s what allows a kickboxer to move quickly from kick to punch, it’s what allows a gymnast to balance on a beam and every person who practices yoga is well aware of the importance of core stability.

So how do we increase our core stability?  Use a combination of abdominal exercises, both isolation-type core exercises using machines like the Ab Coaster or Abs Bench, and functional core exercises such as Russian twists with a medicine ball or using a machine like the X3S Bench.   

In addition to using isolated and functional core training exercises, you must also promote core stability with lower back strength training.  The lower back is a key part of developing core stability.  Target these muscles using a back extension machine such as LumbarX or by performing isolation back extensions during a yoga session.