Detox to Lose Body Fat

The tummy area is always a tough spot when it comes to weight loss and it sometimes needs a little help to give it the kick it needs to become tight and toned. There are many methods out there that are natural boosters to losing the belly fat. Using detox methods flushes the body of what it doesn’t need and more times than not, helps to improve the body’s normal functions to make a job like digesting food “supersized”. Here are 5 detox ideas that can help to burn belly fat.

1. Detox Water – This water goes by many names, from detox water to weight loss water as well as fruit infused water. The ingredients can be changed to focus on other areas of health that you would desire, but for belly fat, the best formula to use is cucumber, lemon, and mint. Combining these ingredients in water pulls the antioxidant from the fruits and herbs into the water for faster absorption into the body. The fruits boost the metabolism and flush the body of toxins; and water is a gut buster, as well as the most important fluid you will ever need for detoxing the body. The detox water is not limited to just cucumber and lemon, but this is the one that is popular for belly fat.

There is also the orange, strawberry and mint mixture. To make the water just add a few mint leaves, a handful of fruit slices like strawberry or a medium cucumber and lemon or orange slices, making sure to use the whole fruit. Add all these ingredients to a pitcher of water and let it sit for about 12 hours or overnight before drinking. Keep this in the refrigerator for the best results.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar – This method has been hailed from the east to western hemisphere as the ultimate fat burner and it gets this attention because it actually does work. With the combination of lemon juice and cayenne pepper, it aids in better digestion and cuts fat – especially stubborn belly fat. The mixture of the lemon juice and cayenne is optional though, and if you prefer just the apple cider vinegar it works well by itself. The vinegar has an acid called acetic acid that can supress the appetite and also aids in digestion, cuts water retention and burns belly fat.

3. Green Tea – This tea can be used to incorporate into smoothies or just to drink by itself, whether hot or cold. Green tea is packed with many vitamins minerals and antioxidants as well as polyphenols that give the body nutrients, flush the digestive tract, and boost the metabolism and immune system to fight infection. There are many recipes that incorporate green tea, but it can be had by itself as just tea. For better results, it is best not to add any artificial sweeteners as this reduces the effects the tea will have.

4. Ginger – This is a root that many use to enhance food flavors, but it can be used as a detox to flush the body of toxins, cut sugar cravings, and burn body fat. Ginger can be enjoyed as tea or infused in water with other fruit and herbs, like cinnamon, to pull its properties into the water.

5. Plain Water – All the previously mentioned methods are great and do work, but many overlook the benefits of drinking just plain water. Having a glass of water half hour before eating, when waking up and before going to bed has shown a drastic improvement in weight loss particularly in the belly region.

It goes without saying that exercise is very important to help these methods work even better. Although they are great stand-alone methods, exercise is a great way to naturally burn the body fat and propel the fat-burning process. What detoxing will help to do is prepare the body for shedding of fats. Combine that with exercise to help the pounds roll off.

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