Enjoy the Burn or They May Not Return

When introducing a new client or member to your club it is critical to balance the future of their success with the joy of working out. The idea of NO PAIN NO GAIN is well known but it does have a dark side, especially with the older population. There is also the "feeling stupid factor", when a new member attempts a new group class or tries to use a new machine that is too advanced for their fitness level. They fear looking stupid or, worse, may get hurt, and never come back again.

A recent study shows that, regardless of the effectiveness of a training program or regimen, if your customer is not finding enjoyment in exercise, they will likely not continue. So how do you balance the idea of effective training (no pain no gain) against the idea of making exercise enjoyable so that your members do return?

Studies show that the number one area most people want to improve is their waistline/belly/abdominal area. If you want to create more enjoyment and motivate your members to return, you should start right there. You can begin by having them perform an isolated ab crunch on a product such as the Abs Bench, or by having them perform a seated crunch on a machine such as the Vertical Crunch. These fixed movement isolated machines are easy for beginners to perform (and therefore overcome the "feeling stupid factor") and deliver a burning sensation that will sent a positive message that exercise is truly effective and that these machines really are working their abs.

One thing you should NOT do.....never have a new client or member take a cross conditioning class prior to establishing a basic level of core stability first. Everyone new to exercise should focus first on core stability and total body isolated strength training to build a strong foundation. The key to balancing the burn with enjoyment is to build the core first to limit the risk of muscle strains, extreme pain and injury.

The Abs Company has helped over 10,000 clubs around the globe design and implement designated core training areas that lets club owners give members what they want! We'd love to do the same for you.