Functional Training with the X3S Bench

While there are many types of workout routines designed for different kinds of athletes, an overall workout regimen that targets functional fitness should be at the core. When functional training is the foundation, focused workouts become easier, and whole body strength is magnified.

What is functional training?
Functional fitness exercises are designed to both develop individual muscles and train them to work together. The movements mimic things your body does naturally on a daily basis, and expands on them to create a stronger, more stable core and body.

Doing functional exercises as a base of your workout routine teaches all of your various body parts to work together smoothly. This helps to make you more efficient in your activities of daily living. A simple example would be a shoulder press movement. Many machines would have you do this while sitting down. However, is that how you would generally lift something in real life? No. Typically if you had to lift something overhead you would typically perform this while standing - as if putting something away on a high shelf. This requires all of your muscles to work synergistically to accomplish the task.

Another great example would be the squat. When you sit down or get up from a chair, dip to pick up something from the floor, or crouch down to speak to a child, you are working the same muscles that squats train. Therefore regularly performing a squat as opposed to a leg press would make you more efficient at the movement!

A simple way to incorporate functional training into your routine.
The X3S Bench is an ideal machine for this kind of workout, since it already operates on the principle of full body workouts. It doesn’t take much tweaking of your exercise routine to thoroughly exercise every part of your body, adding strength, flexibility, and muscle mass.

Using the X3S Bench can help you blend a variety of functional exercises into one smooth motion, exercising your legs, abs, and core. You can add weights or dumbbells to enhance focused exercises, and workout with a trainer or without.

By using upper and lower body muscles at the same time, you build core stability, promote strength and flexibility, and increase endurance. This can have a terrific effect not just on your hours at the gym, but in your day to day activities.
People across the country are getting great results with the  X3S Bench . We’d love to help you get the same amazing results.  If we can be of assistance please contact us anytime!