Gym Safety

Every gym facility wants to be different. They want the all the latest pieces that everyone wants to increase the fitness experience they provide. Every member is looking for that “wow” factor - the thing that motivates them and gets them excited to train. One piece of “equipment” that has been around for a while, but has recently made its footprint in mostly the functional training space, is the TIRE. All different sized tires for flipping, pounding with a mallet, jumping on etc.. Sounds like a perfect thing to incorporate in your gym to set you apart. This concept is valid and the training is legit! The tire can be used for all different types of training including individual, partner and group! Tire Training provides a total body workout and a unique experience that members are sure to speak about.

However, there is something to be said about SAFETY. Are your members going to be putting themselves at risk? What about your other members? Flipping an unpredictable object that weighs 100 lbs or more through the facility is not without issues. It could fall on someone who be be stretching in the path. The Tire could roll away and injure someone. The user could injure themselves if they lose control of it.

A recent incident, reported by the New York Post, describes a lady whose ankle was crushed by a 400 pound tire during a group fitness class. Two other members were using the tire and she was sitting on the ground to stretch after her workout. The Tire fell on top of her and caused a devastating injury. This is an awful situation. However, it highlights how important gym safety is, especially when training a group with people of all shapes and sizes. Group training instructors need to be paying attention to their class props to ensure that everyone is able to safely use them. It is not only the major injuries that they should be concerned about, but smaller injuries as well. We hope this incident, as incredibly unfortunate as it is, turns on the lights in fitness clubs to choose safer options.

Aside from the tire, it is important for ALL of your equipment to be safe for your users. Our CEO, Sean Gagnon, shares his thoughts and tips to making sure club members/ equipment users aren’t putting themselves in danger:


“This unfortunate incident is a reminder of the risk fitness facility owners face when it comes to equipment and their members. The Abs Company has over 20 years of experience in commercial fitness. That being said, I would like to share a few tips to help mitigate your equipment risk.Routine Maintenance- All equipment comes with a recommended maintenance schedule- Follow it!Routine Inspection- Operators should have a checklist of regular wear points on the equipment. They should then regularly review and document inspections. Replace the worn parts as needed.Training and Education- Make sure that the facility staff is highly trained in the use of all equipment and that they take the time to share this information with the members.”

Running a fitness facility comes with risk. However, simple planning can help mitigate this. Thoughtful equipment selection is a part of this. We believe in KEEPING IT REAL; and the real truth is that safety can NOT be overlooked. We want everyone to feel confident and safe while pursuing their fitness goals and we know this will keep them coming back again and again.