How do you handle Super Bowl Sunday?

Patriots or Rams? Buffalo Chicken Dip or Spinach Dip? Allowed to indulge or stay on track?

These are all valid questions. The Super Bowl is VERY bad timing. I mean, it’s at the beginning of the year when we are all hyped up on crushing our goals and it brings a ton of greasy, tempting food and beer; and that is NOT the recipe for a flat tummy or ripped abs! Do we want to fall down so early in the year on our goals? Are we going to take 10 steps back in 1 weekend? Well, I have a few things to say about this.

The Super Bowl doesn’t only bring “bad-for-you” finger food and alcohol. It also brings excitement, whether you are a football fan or not. It brings family and friends together for an event that people celebrate everywhere; and one weekend of indulging will not throw you off track. However, putting those types of food into your body may have some effects such as bloating and fatigue. Luckily, this is just temporary. It is okay to indulge and take a day or two off.

If you are stressing about temptations and want to take a healthy route, while also enjoying yourself, here are a few “guilt-free” snack tips and general tips to follow the day before, during and after the Super Bowl to help your body prevent bloating, stomach aches and fatigue:

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Nachos: It’s all about alternatives!

  • Make your own chips
  • Cut very thin potato or sweet potato slices
  • Drizzle olive oil and desired spices in the oven for 15 minutes (or until desired crispiness) at 400 degrees
  • Or find a chip alternative
  • Make your own guacamole
  • Top with veggies
  • Find a dairy free cheese if you are sensitive to dairy

Mini Tacos: Increase protein and veggies!

  • Cook up some shredded or ground beef, turkey or chicken
  • Use some of that fresh guacamole and squeeze in some lime
  • Sautee veggies to top
  • Fill small tortillas or iceberg lettuce leaves with filling
  • Replace sour cream with plain greek yogurt- may add dill or any herb/spice


Water Intake:

  • Prevents bloatin
  • Flushes out toxins
  • Prevents headaches
  • Increases energy
  • Helps with appetite control

Green Tea:

  • Decreases inflammation
  • Contains minerals and antioxidants
  • Natural energy
  • Kills bacteria

(Click here to receive some HIIT circuits that you can do either at home or at the gym to get your sweat on!)

  • It makes you feel good
  • Helps with managing blood sugar and insulin

There are many ways to help your body after indulging. There are also ways to indulge in a smart way. However, it is important to live a balance; meaning, you should not completely restrict yourself when with family and friends celebrating holidays or events.

Enjoy yourself!