Jeff Carlson of MUV Fitness

How MUV Fitness Increases Membership with The Abs Company Ab Equipment®

Another successful IHRSA is in the books! We received great feedback on our NEW products like the SledMill and Booty Coaster™, as well as our current equipment. Here's what Jeff Carlson of MUV Fitness has to say about The Abs Company Ab Equipment when speaking with Michael Ritter from The Abs Company.

TAC: Can you tell us a little about the response you're getting from your members to our ab equipment in your club?

JEFF: The ab equipment response has been extremely positive. The members just seem to gravitate towards your guys’ ab equipment. Even more than the other strength lines we’ve put in the clubs. The trainers love it, the members love it. If the employees and members are happy then what else matters right?

TACOh that’s beautiful, thank you so much. Is this something that you’re going to continue to put in your future clubs as well?

JEFF:  We have your equipment in every single one of our clubs. I think it’s pretty safe to say that we’ll put it in every club going forward.

TAC: So you find that our ab equipment is great for not only the beginning member, but even through the life cycle of the member?

JEFF:  Oh absolutely. From the housewives, to the body builders, to the senior citizens, we see every demographic using the equipment which is part of the appeal.

TACWe know everybody wants a flat stomach right? Do you use our ab equipment as a way to help sell memberships?

JEFF:  Absolutely, part of our tour process is that we coach our guys to demonstrate a few pieces of equipment. And so for men and women, the Abs Company equipment is a part of the tour process. It makes a big difference.

TAC: Awesome thank you so much for your business we really appreciate it. There you have it, one of the most successful operators here in the country is using, Jeff Carlson from MUV fitness.

We love how Jeff is using The Abs Company Ab Equipment to keep his members happy and coming back to his club!