Midsection Myths Part Two

When picturing what perfect health looks like, our minds oftentimes immediately think of the core. Whether that be a ripped 6-pack, or the elimination of one's gut, the notion of a flat stomach is frequently associated with the image of pristine physical condition. Despite this, there are still tons of myths and misunderstandings out there in regards to one’s core. We’ve already debunked some of these, but there’s plenty more out there that need clarification.

Certain Foods Target Belly Fat

We’ve all eaten something before and felt that it just went straight to our stomach’s, but this simply is not the case. Fat does not discriminate by body part. A calorie surplus will increase fat all throughout the body, and a calorie deficit will decrease fat to all body parts as well, not just the stomach.

Traditional Sit-Ups Will Build Abdominal Muscles

Although old school sit ups where you lay on the floor and bring your elbows to your knees may strike us all with feelings of nostalgia, modern science suggests that these simply aren’t effective. Tests showed that crunches are actually a far more effective ab workout than traditional sit-ups. Luckily, The Abs Company offers the best piece of crunch equipment on the market. The Vertical Crunch machine allows users to perform abdominal and oblique crunches with up to 80lbs resistance, all while staying off the floor.

Crunches Are All You Need To Build Abs

While crunches remain an extremely effective ab workout, just doing them alone will not completely tone the abdominals. Other muscles in the area such as the obliques and lower abs need to be used in order to completely engage the core. At The Abs Company, we offer amazing products such as the AbCoaster PS500 that will train the lower abs and obliques, with no adjustments needed.

So, if you’re looking to tone your abs and want to feel like you’re in the best shape of your life, you’re in the right place. We are The ABS Company! Whether you’re looking to perform the perfect crunch on our Vertical Crunch, or hit your obliques on the Ab Coaster, or engage the top and bottom abs simultaneously on The Abs Bench, or have a high intensity core workout on the Ab Solo, or anything in between, we have the product for you. We change lives from the core!