The Abs Company Story

The Abs Company was founded in 2006 by Don Brown and Sean Gagnon. Prior to The Abs Company, Mr. Brown started and owned a small chain of Health Clubs in New Jersey and Mr. Gagnon was one of his lead trainers and a partner in the chain. Sensing a need for a single source Ab equipment provider, Brown and Gagnon decided almost 10 years ago to focus on providing innovative core training products for the commercial fitness market.

Don Brown has invented some of the most successful fitness products in history. In 1994, he invented the AB ROLLER® and revolutionized the way people perform crunches. According to Mr. Brown, “I was trying to help my club members perform crunches properly – to eliminate the stress and strain on the neck and back.” Twenty years later, the Ab Roller is one of the most popular exercise products in history, with sales exceeding $1 Billion worldwide.

Brown also invented the AB COASTER® and again revolutionized another exercise – the hanging leg raise. The Ab Coaster is now a key piece of core training equipment in more than 10,000 health clubs worldwide.

Ab training has grown exponentially since Brown and Gagnon started the business. IHRSA member surveys show the most popular fitness products used in health clubs today include: Cardio equipment, Free Weights, and Abdominal Machines. For decades, health clubs have dedicated space to cardio and weight training, and now more and more clubs are also dedicating space to abdominal training.

The Abs Company has assembled a complete line of innovative and effective equipment, with brands including: Ab Coaster, Ab Solo, Abs Bench, Target Abs, and more. The Abs Company also provides assistance to owners for designing an area in their club for dedicated core training.

Innovative ab equipment can be a powerful marketing tool for Health Clubs. According to Sean Gagnon, “Ab machines are popular in Health Clubs and are a main reason why people workout there. To attract new members and to keep existing members, Health Clubs are focused on adding the equipment that people want to use. Ab machines are a key part of that attraction, and The Abs Company is the one-stop shop for innovative core training products.”

The Abs Company has released several new abdominal training products for 2015, including AbCoaster FT and The Vertical Crunch.  The new products are intuitive, fun and effective machines that are perfect for a dedicated core training area in your club.  According to Brown, “Innovation is key. Health Clubs can attract and retain more members by offering innovative and effective equipment.”

Abs Company products are used in over 10,000 commercial fitness facilities in over 40 countries around the world.