The Power of the Zone

Needless to say the fitness industry has changed over the past 90 days. Many facilities around the globe have been shut down and the ones that have remained open had to create a new way of doing business. The great news is that our industry is strong, resilient, and will come through this challenge with renewed passion and purpose.

Now is the time when forward thinking facilities will be willing to let go of old ways and seek new methods of bringing their members back and bringing new members in! They will find ways to give members what they want; inspiring, fun and effective ways to improve their greatest gift: HEALTH!

At The Abs Company we have been innovating products and programs for over 20 years around the globe. We proudly stand beside the world fitness community to help bring it back stronger than ever, because there is nothing more valuable than continuing to give the gift of health!


Despite the current mandates on facility capacity and social distancing, members are looking to train in ways that are important to them. They have to feel comfortable and know that you are offering ways of training that they simply cannot get by watching a workout video in their living room. Creating Training Zones around the popular areas members are looking for accomplishes 3 key things.


A Training Zone allows you to space your equipment in a way that will allow members to safely distance from each other. Additionally it will provide an easy to monitor coaching area for trainers. They will be able to observe and instruct users while also maintaining a safe distance.


By setting up a Training Zone you are providing a very clear training path for your members so that they can efficiently move from station to station and complete a workout in a set amount of time. For example a 4 station zone will allow a member to complete a circuit in about 5 minutes of time and deliver the results they are looking for. They would train for 45 seconds, clean and move to the next station in the next 30 seconds. Four stations, 5 minutes! Additionally, having all of the components of the zone in one area eliminates the need for members to be searching all around the facility for what they need.


Clearly one of the biggest concerns for members today is cleanliness; they need to feel comfortable that the equipment they are about to use has been sanitized before they engage. A properly arranged Training Zone will include a cleaning station so users have the supplies on hand and can easily sanitize equipment before and after usage. Seeing everything in one dedicated area provides comfort over searching the entire facility for spray bottles or wipes. Cleaning is simply a part of the Zone!


The concept of Training Zones is not entirely new. People have been doing circuit training for years. However most circuits in facilities are somewhat generic and lean towards total body conditioning. There is nothing wrong with this, but in today’s world you need to stand above your competition to bring your members back! Everyone has a generic circuit but not everyone has our proprietary TRAINING ZONES. The Abs Company Training Zones focus on the key areas your members and prospects want the most:


Let's face it, members equate having flat abs with being fit. The Abs Company Ab Zone provides an easy to follow path that is inviting, while also challenging your members and keeping them OFF THE FLOOR! The 5 minute Ab Circuit, complete with programming, will certainly be a showcase in your facility.

Find out more about the Ab Zone. 


Members looking for an efficient workout are gravitating towards HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). They love flipping tires, pushing sleds and using battle ropes. These are excellent exercises but are not practical in today’s world. It is very difficult to socially distance if you are flipping a tire or pushing a sled across your workout floor encroaching on other people’s space. The TireFlip 180®, SledMill® and BattleRope ST® provide all of the same benefits but in a self contained space. All of the benefits in a fraction of the space!

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One look at social media and you will know that glute training is one of the hottest areas in fitness. Unfortunately, many of the workouts require members to be on the floor performing movements that may make many people self-conscious. No longer! The Abs Company Glute Zone™ provides an intuitive and modest workout in a small space and minimal time. The Glute Coaster™ and X3S™ Pro are sure to deliver the results your members want.

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Over the past year we have worked to scientifically design our training zones for maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Not only are the products proprietary, but they are user friendly, progressive, fun and effective. Regardless of fitness level or experience, The Abs Company Training Zones are sure to deliver for your facility.

Bring your members back! Attract new members! Increase training revenue and stand apart from the competition. We’ll see you IN THE ZONE!