The X3S Bench vs The Traditional Sissy Squat

The sissy squat is a popular exercise in which individuals lock their feet in place, lean back on a support behind their thighs, and bring themselves back up again. This is a tremendous exercise for strengthening the hip flexor muscles and core simultaneously but many standard sissy squat machines remain rudimentary and limited. The X3S bench, however, takes the standard sissy squat and raises it to the next level. 

With smaller rollers beneath users’ knees, and an adjustable bench behind the rollers, users can truly turn the sissy squat into a full body exercise. If one simply adds dumbbells or kettlebells to their sissy squat workout, they can exercise any part of the body they chose on this machine. One of my personal favorite exercises to do on the machine is to get on the machine with two dumbbells in hand, squat back on the machine, do a chest press, stand up, do a shoulder press followed by a bicep curl, and squat back down for ten reps. In one motion, I’m working my chest, shoulders, biceps, lower body, and core! Ten reps of these will give you a tremendous pump, and full-body workout!

Additionally, the versatility of the bench allows for varying skill levels to squat on the machine as opposed to the traditional sissy squat. Beginners can leave the bench at a steeper incline to put less stress on the knees and core, while experts can leave the bench completely flat for a higher intensity workout. The adjustable bench also allows users who plan on weight training to hit incline lifts, as well as flat ones.

If sissy squatting is one of your go-to exercises, there’s no reason not to look into the X3S Bench. It takes all the great aspects of sissy squatting, and allows users to workout their entire body, as well as accommodates users of all skill levels. Check out the X3S Bench today!