Thriving in a Remote Work Environment

Cindy Ramos is our director of marketing here at The Abs Company. Specifically, Cindy manages a four person marketing team, and spearheads the ecommerce department of the company. This means she is extremely involved in a wide range of the organization’s activities, ranging from social media content to Amazon sales, as well as advertising to consumers. Half of the marketing team is located in Florida with Cindy, but the other half is located in New Jersey, so Cindy largely relies on remote working to do her job. Cindy has been a remote worker for over a decade, so she is extremely experienced in virtual work, as opposed to many who just started this during the pandemic. Here’s 5 tips she gave in regards to remote work.

Have a Dedicated Work Space

Cindy suggests designating one area of the home to be an area that is specifically for work, nothing else. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an intricate office, just a space for working. When you have a space like this in place, it will allow you to mentally enter “work mode” despite the fact that you’re still inside your home.

Limit Distractions

When working remotely, it’s remarkably easy to find yourself distracted by tasks that aren’t work related. Whether it be a pile of dirty dishes or laundry that needs to be done it is important to remember that you’re supposed to be working! So, all the extra stuff needs to be pushed aside to specific hours when you’re not working.

Get Up and Walk Around

At the end of the day, working in the same workspace for hours and hours on end can get mentally draining. It’s really important to get up and walk around. This will help prevent you from getting fatigued, and reset your mind between tasks. Cindy even likes to hop on her AbCoaster for a quick workout!

Use a Good Chair

This might sound silly, but the use of a good chair is crucial! Make sure you have a real office chair that makes you feel like you’re working. Sitting in the same recliner that you watch TV in, or the same kitchen chair that you have dinner in is not conducive to productivity. It all goes back to the work space!

Get Ready for Work in the Morning

When your only commute is from your bedroom to your work space, it can be easy to fall into the trap of not preparing yourself for work. Don’t do this! When you get up in the morning, put on shoes and clothes that are comfortable for you to work in. Don’t just stay in your pajamas! By doing this, you’ll really feel like you’re starting your work day. It makes a huge difference!