TIREd of your training routine?

We all have, at some time or another, decided to make our way down the path of exercising but seem to hit a block when it comes to really targeting the tummy area. At times it seems like all the cardio and ab exercising just doesn’t seem to be working and you are at a loss as to why you are not getting the desired effect. One important thing to remember is that the body – especially the tummy – is built in the kitchen too, not solely in the gym. The right diet is imperative, in addition to exercise, to really getting the flat tummy you always wanted. Here are some simple diet tips that will be extremely helpful to help burn belly fat.

Eat all natural foods – the body does give out what you put in it and eating highly processed foods can slow the body down. Processed foods give the organs a more difficult job because the body has to work twice as hard to break down the compounds in these foods. In general stick to foods that are as close to their original source as possible.

Eating More Protein – Protein is one of the most important foods needed to help in losing weight. In addition to helping to replace damaged cells in the body, protein is also responsible for cutting down your appetite as well as boosting metabolism. The other great benefit of eating protein for weight loss and especially stomach fat is that proteins like fish are filled with omega three fatty acids which boost metabolism. Studies have shown that for the average person 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight is sufficient. This equates to roughly 30% of your daily caloric intake.

Cutting out sugars – Sugars in the diet are very unhealthy for the body and hinder the burning of belly fat. Sugary drinks like sodas and artificially sweet drinks have glucose and fructose components to them and this actually slows down the body’s metabolism. In essence, adding sugar to the diet actually helps to increase belly fat! The liver is also susceptible to damage from the overworkit gets from breaking down sugars for the body’s use.

Cutting out Carbs – Similar to sugars, carbohydrates break down to a sugar and as mentioned earlier added sugar may cause belly fat. Reducing Carb intake will cause the body to more efficiently learn to rely on fat as a fuel source. In general keeping your carbs to around 35-40% of your daily intake is a good recommendation. This may vary depending on activity levels.

Eat fiber rich foods – Foods rich in fiber help you feel fuller longer. The “soluble” type of fiber, which absorbs water, forms a kind of gel inside your stomach, slowing the absorption of sugars into your bloodstream. Lower blood sugar levels mean lower insulin levels — and that means your body is less likely to store fat.

Belly fat is very stubborn, but it is not impossible to burn, making simple changes to your diet. What we eat is very important to how the body reacts. The Abs Company has you covered when it comes to Core training. We have all the products you need to tone and strengthen your core in a safe and effective way. But also try making a change to the way you eat and see if this doesn’t make a drastic difference in how you look and feel. Let us help you find the right combination to get the abs you deserve!