'Tis The Season for Wellness

In this upcoming holiday season, we should be revering the past year in our lives.  Appreciative and joyful for all that we have accomplished. Celebrating the great year we’ve just had! Yet most of us end up stressed, exhausted and feel we may have gone a little overboard with our  “Eat, Drink, & be Merry” activities. This is something we can all relate to. The self improvement we have been working on all year goes right out the window.  It’s no surprise as we are racing around shopping and attending events we are noshing on all the convenience and comforts that seems so right at the time. It’s not about the number on the scale mind you, it’s about ending the year on a high note and feeling good about being you.

How do we make good choices over the holidays when it seems like everything is in excess and it’s so easy to be impulsive?! Planning ahead, and self control. 

Treat yourself and indulge just do it with the good stuff.  Embrace it with the superfoods that will make you feel your best and look your best too.  With so much technology at our fingertips all you have to do is search for an alternative recipe, or ways to make your traditional favorites a little better.  The secret is arming ourselves with healthy alternatives. Skinny Eggnog exists and it’s actually pretty darn good. Flourless Chocolate Cake that won’t add up to a full day’s calorie count is attainable. There are even low calorie beer, wine, and cocktail options for those who partake.   If you are hitting a holiday party have a healthy dinner before you go so you are less apt to eat the fried h'orderves and cookies. Or before you go forth on the buffet, scan the options and choose wisely. Allow yourself some liberties but let’s face it, guilt and self consciousness are gifts nobody wants for Christmas.  Take the time to allow yourself to be mentally and physically sound this season. Give yourself happy holidays with a boost of self confidence and try a new class at the gym, enjoy a break and meditation with a yoga session, grab a friend for Spin class. Try out some of the recipes I found below for a reward! Also, check out Michael Ritter’s blog on Thanksgiving Abs! 

Some great recipes gathered from around the web: