Top 5 Nutrition Tips

Nutrition has been made so complicated lately! Should you count macros? What about the latest diet? Can you eat fruit? What about fat?

It can make a person so frustrated trying to figure out what’s the best way to fuel their body, lose belly fat, or get flat abs!

Here are 5 tips to eat well and feel great!

  1. Add veggies to every meal! Most people do not get enough color on their plate and it’s so important to add these super foods daily! Veggies are low in fat and cholesterol, high in important sources of fiber, folate, vitamins A and C, can help keep your blood pressure down, and can reduce your risk of heart disease. The list is long and only beneficial for your body!
  2. Drink more water. We are surrounded by all sorts of yummy drinks; coffee that is really cake in a cup, sugary drinks everywhere, flavored teas but in reality our bodies need water every day to function. Our bodies are made up of 60% water! Water is essential for our kidneys- when someone has kidney stones it’s because they are dehydrated!
  3. Don’t restrict your food. Trust me on this. As a person that used to do this on the regular… it only leads to one thing- binging. When your body does not get enough food it will eventually revolt and you will end up eating far more than you want to. The food you over eat is rarely if ever apples and broccoli. Restricting your food is hardly the way to flat abs or a toned belly.
  4. If you eat fast food- it’s time to break up! There is nothing nutritious about fast food. Yes, it’s convenient. But you can probably park your car, go into a grocery store deli, get a protein(chicken breast/fish) and a green salad in the same time you may sit in the drive through line! It’d be great to think of your health not in the short term and what is easy and convenient, but rather for the long term. What you eat now can affect your health later.
  5. Try not to avoid any macronutrient. When you hear about a food plan that says you cannot eat fruit or a lot of veggies, run the other way. There is no food that is grown from the ground that is bad for us. No one got fat eating apples.

So whether your goal is to simply feel good, lose belly fat, or get flat abs, the suggestions above are your ticket to success. Your health really is your greatest wealth. Treat yourself like a Ferrari, not an old beat up Yugo!

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