What are the benefits of a protein-rich diet?

Throughout the entire food plate, protein is perhaps the most important nutrient to our health. As children, we grew up in a world where adults told us to eat protein to make us big and strong, and now we live in a world where the marketplace is full of protein-based supplements such as protein shakes and protein bars. So, the emphasis placed on protein is undeniable, but what are the benefits?

Protein builds muscle

Bulking up and building muscle is nearly impossible to do without a healthy intake of protein. This is because during workouts muscles undergo microscopic tears, and the amino acids found in protein work to repair the tears. So, the higher the protein intake, the more amino acids the body will have to maintain muscle tissue.

Protein can also help weight loss

In addition to helping build muscle, protein can also work to aid in weight loss. This is because protein is extremely effective in reducing hunger levels. When being consumed, protein releases the hormone ghrelin, which reduces hunger, as well as the hormone Peptide YY which makes you feel full. Due to these releases, you can consume fewer calories, yet still feel full which is a massive advantage when trying to lose weight.

Protein is beneficial for bone health

Protein is a key dietary aspect of bone health, so the higher the protein the healthier the bones. It’s estimated that protein makes up about 50% of our bones volume’s and 30% of its mass, so a protein deficiency can significantly weaken bones. Adequate protein consumption can help reduce the risk of osteoporosis and other bone diseases.

So, whether you’re looking to do some weightlifting on the X3S Bench in an attempt to bulk up, or some cardio on the Battle Rope ST to slim down, protein needs to be in your diet. To increase your protein intake, try consuming more meats, or even attempt to find your ideal protein shake. But, however it is that you get your protein, just ensure that it’s in your diet as it is arguably the most important nutrient to put in your body.