Why 2021 Will Be The Year of Ab Training

Can I come clean about something? 

It’s a bit of an existential crisis but I figured I’d get it off my chest. Okay, here goes: I probably don’t work out my abs enough—especially for someone who works for the most innovative ab training equipment company in the world, The Abs Company. It’s true. While I have a non-negotiable contract with myself that I show up (and bust my butt) at the gym every single day, I find myself focusing on the ‘glamour muscles’ or on vigorous, hard-core cardio sessions.  

With the benefit of hindsight and with the year that was 2020 in the rearview mirror, I’m grateful to have realized that this hole in my fitness regimen needs to change in 2021.  And I don’t think I’m alone. In fact, as we rise together into 2021, I believe people everywhere will dive into ab training like never before.  Here’s why:

  1. Core Training Isn’t Something We Can Take For Granted.

I talk to people about ab training every day. New moms. Body-builders. Grandmas and grandpas and fitness instructors ranging across every degree of experience. With all of them, there’s a certain, newborn understanding that has come up through the shared experience of COVID-19: our fitness is a gift that we can’t take for granted. It’s the key to staying healthy, to feeling good, and to building self confidence. While most people have found ways to keep fit throughout the pandemic, for the first time we were faced with the prospect of the gyms that we might’ve taken for granted being shut down.

As gyms across the country reopen, I’m predicting a brilliant renaissance towards the gift of fitness in 2021, and I believe ab training will be a primary focus for everyone on their personal fitness journeys. Our abs are the engine room of our physical anatomy, and no matter what means of training you focus on, a strong core is essential to your success and growth.

A strong core also lessens the probability of injury. “"A weak core is the number-one risk for potential injuries, especially lower-back injuries," says Kristina Jennings, a certified functional strength coach at Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning in Boston. Research shows that core strength training (and training the deep trunk muscles specifically) can help alleviate lower-back pain.”

  1. Let’s Face It: Great Abs Are Sexy.

It’s no secret; a major driving factor towards working out is looking good, and six-pack abs are usually pretty high on any exercisers target list. In 2021 especially I believe people will be searching for the perfect ‘beach bod’. 

As lockdowns are lifted and travel regains some normalcy, flights will be booked, bathing suits will be purchased, and people across the globe will finally take those vacations that were put off in 2020. For many of them (myself included), people will be grateful for the opportunity to put in the work and to push themselves towards the incredible abs they’ve always dreamed of. It’s terrific news for gyms who offer core specific training zones, which allow exercisers the variety of equipment to get them the results they need.

  1. Ab Training Is Funner (And ‘Easier’ Than Ever Before).

Rejoice! The days of nothing but boring, repetitive sit-ups and leg lifts are over. Now I’m not knocking the classics, but never before have we been afforded such a wide array of fun, innovative, and effective ab training tools as we have today. Looking to ramp up your ab workout as more of a challenge? Check out the AbSolo®, our patented core workout machine that features medicine balls, targets, and a ball return (think SkeeBall with much more of a reward!)  The AbCoaster® features a digital rep counting system so that you can set new personal challenges or even compete with friends.  

Aside from having exciting new ways to train your abs, the availability of training resources is nearly limitless. From live workout classes to YouTube workouts, blog posts and curated fitness plans, the sky’s the limit for the tools you can use to get the abs you’ve always wanted.

  1. ANYONE Can Train Their Abs Successfully.

I spend a fair amount of my time on our company website’s chat system (come say hello!), and I can’t even tell you the number of people who are concerned that ab workouts might not be for them. Whether due to age, current physical fitness, or misplaced anxiety, a lot of people think that effective ab training might be beyond them. I’m here today to tell you that ANYONE can achieve the benefits of ab training in one way or another. So you might not be Arnold Schwarzenegger—so what? With the proper equipment, basic training, and approval from your doctor, you can begin ab training and seeing results almost immediately.

Still unsure if core training is right for you?  Email me personally at ryan@TheAbsCompany.com and I’ll walk you through the right steps to beginning your journey safely, affordably, and effectively.

I don’t really believe in New Years Resolutions; I feel true change comes from getting better each and every day, no matter the time of year. But in 2021, I’ll be following what I’m sure will be a worldwide trend in focusing on the very foundation of my physical fitness—ab training. Will you join me?



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