Why is drinking water so important?

If you asked basically anybody on what basic steps you should take to improve your health, they’d tell you to get quality sleep, exercise, eat healthy, and of course, drink water. So, to say that drinking water is perhaps the most important aspect of your health isn’t exactly an earth shattering statement, but it is true nonetheless. And frankly, the importance of drinking water and the health benefits that are associated with it truly cannot be understated. Here are some of the reasons why drinking water is so important.

Drinking water improves energy levels

Ever wonder why you sometimes feel drowsy and tired during the middle of the day? It very well could be out of dehydration. A study from the journal of nutrition found out that a loss of 1.4-1.6% of fluid negatively contributes to mood and concentration, as well as increases frequency of headaches. So, instead of pumping yourself up with caffeine to combat mid-day drowsiness, perhaps you just need some water!

Drinking water helps prevent headaches

Water is an essential part in the prevention of headaches and migraines, as these often come out of dehydration. In fact, a BMC study showed that in 400 dehydrated individuals, 393 of them had symptoms of a headache! In these hot summer months where the sun is as heavy as ever, it’s crucial to maintain a high water intake to avoid the headaches and migraines associated with dehydration.

Drinking water helps improve skin

Perhaps water’s greatest benefit is the wonders it works on our skin. To name just a few benefits, water and proper hydration help with wrinkles, PH balance, acne, and moisture. And while there’s plenty of great skincare products on the market, the first step to perfect skin is certainly proper hydration and adequate water intake.

In times where so many people are working from home, doing simple things like drinking water to stay on top of your health are so crucial. Water will keep your energy high throughout the day, improve your physical appearance, and even help you accomplish your fitness goals. It’s recommended that you drink between 11 and 15 cups of water per day. Make sure to hit that mark!