Whether you are starting your fitness journey or you have been at it for years The Abs Company can help you build the perfect home gym. We can help you add a few new innovations or help you design the entire space to help you reach your optimal fitness level! Our unique and effective products provide solutions for all users and budgets.

Home Gym Equipment for Abs

A dedicated training area with isolated core exercise machines allows you to safely strengthen your core muscles.

Whether you are upgrading an existing area or creating one from scratch we have the solutions to fit any space or budget.

Home Gym Equipment for HIIT

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) today is rapidly growing and the results are undeniable. Oftentimes with a dedicated HIIT area, lack of space can be an issue. The Abs Company HIIT Innovations solve these issues. Our provide you with all the benefits of HIIT Training and allow you to do them perfectly in the space of your home gym!

Home Gym Equipment for Glutes

Glute training is one of the hottest trends in fitness today. It's important that if you're training glutes at your home gym, it's in a safe and effective way!

With our flagship Glute Coaster™, you'll notice the curved rails provide the perfect motion to isolate the glute muscles and sculpt a rounded, toned posterior. Combined with the lower body workout of the X3S™Pro, the Glute Zone™ delivers unparalleled results!

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