Medicine Ball vs Slam Ball

Are you looking to uplevel your results in the gym, refine your physique, and improve your core strength? Exploring the best ab equipment on the market is one place to start, but you don't need to make a significant investment to get started. Instead, consider the benefits of a medicine ball vs. a slam ball for your fitness routine.

What is a Medicine Ball?

Slam Ball for Abs

A medicine ball is a weighted ball with a roughly shoulder-width diameter. It's often found in gyms and rehabilitation centers to help improve strength. It can also help improve your coordination and stability.

These abs accessories take their name from the days of Hippocrates, who filled medicine balls with sand to help develop their strength. At that time, medicine and health were synonymous, and the name was a natural fit.

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What is a Slam Ball?

Like a medicine ball, a slam ball is also weighted and rubber-coated. They look similar to their medicine ball counterparts but are thicker. That thicker surface makes them ideal for throwing exercises and higher-impact activities.

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Benefits of a Medicine Ball

Medicine balls help improve strength and coordination but also fire up your core muscles. They're effective in getting in a full-body workout while burning more calories and working on your strength. 

Benefits of a Slam Ball

Slam balls offer similar benefits to medicine balls. The difference is you can usually get in a higher aerobic workout while increasing your muscle density and metabolism. Over time, you should also see increased athletic capacity and performance.

Medicine Ball vs. Slam Ball: Which Is Better?

The question isn't so much which is better, but how a medicine ball or slam ball best suits your workout style. Medicine balls tend to be dense and sturdy and are ideal for assisting in crunches and abdominal exercises. Slam balls are easier to manipulate for aerobic activity and use for a wider variety of activities. 

Medicine balls are better suited for more stationery strength training. But slam balls are game changers for an aerobic workout that also strengthens your core. When choosing a medicine ball vs. a slam ball, think about your overall goals and how you plan to use the accessories. 

Add More Ab Training to Your Workout

Slam Ball for Abs

If you're looking to strengthen your core and overall strength, consider a variety of abs equipment to amplify your results. For example, our Ab Ball System is a multi-functional training accessory for a complete ab workout.

The Ab Ball System comes with a 6-pound medicine ball that easily attaches to a cable weight stack or is used with the included resistance bands. It's compact, convenient, and benefits all fitness levels. If space is an issue, try hanging them on the door with the included hanger at home or while traveling.

Make an Investment In Your Abs

Are you ready to make an investment in your overall health, physique, and abs? The good news is you don't have to choose. Add both a medicine ball and a slam ball to your fitness center or home gym. Or browse all of our abs equipment and accessories here to maximize your results.