Glute Training for Men Too!

When most men plan their workouts, they most likely focus on key muscle groups like the core, chest and back, shoulders, legs, and others. But, what many men overlook, especially when it comes to lower body training, is the glutes. Glute training is not just a cosmetic workout for women, but an extremely functional exercise for both men and women alike. 

Strong glutes serve a great role in preventing other injuries down the road, specifically in the back and knees. Glute strength creates a stable pelvis, which provides support for the lower back when carrying weight. Oftentimes when deadlifting, weak glutes will cause lifters to bend the lower back, putting extreme strain on the area. Strong glutes, however, take some burden off the back, reducing the risk of injury. 

The pelvic stability created by strong glutes also aids in reducing knee pain. If the pelvic area is unstable, additional pressure is added to the knee and ankle area, which often leads to pain and injury in those parts of the body. Strong glutes will take the burden off of the knees and ankles, extremely reducing the chance of injury.


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