How the Ab Solo was born...and how it can help YOU

When Sean Gagnon, VP of the Abs Company, first saw the Ab Solo at a trade show, he knew it was another hit ab product like the Ab Coaster.  He saw an effective ab machine that was intuitive to use and turned the boring ab crunch into a fun and exciting exercise.  Understanding the growing trend to offer more innovative Ab Machines for members at health clubs, Mr. Gagnon pushed his company to acquire the rights to the Ab Solo when he heard that the owners wanted to shut down their business.  Gagnon began discussions and a deal was made for The Abs Company to acquire the rights to the Ab Solo brand in 2013.

Out with the Old, In with the New Ab Solo

The Abs Company spent several months researching and implementing a new Ab Solo design, making the product more compact, sleeker, quieter and with fewer moving parts.  The new design features and air filled lumbar support pad that is comfortable for the user and also provides a pre-stretch to maximize full range abdominal contraction.  Three mulit-color “touch targets” were added to promote oblique training and to provide an opportunity for personal trainers to interact with clients while exercising on the Ab Solo, for example calling out a sequence such as “black, red, throw, red, yellow, etc.”  The redesigned unit also includes a counter/timer which gives instant feedback for counting reps or timing intervals.  

The new Ab Solo was launched in the 4th quarter of 2013 and many clubs have installed the unit and are raving about the new design.  Not only do members love using the product, but with a smaller footprint and fewer moving parts, the new Ab Solo also takes up less space and requires less maintenance - two huge benefits for health club owners.  

For health clubs that own the original Ab Solo, The Abs Company offers a special promotion of a trade-in credit for upgrading to the all new Ab Solo.  Many clubs have already taken advantage of the deal and are reaping the benefits of the new design.  Just one more way The Abs Company is leading the way in innovative core training.