Sled Pushes: A Fun, Full Body Workout For Your Gym Members

Sled pushing isn’t only one of the most effective exercises out there, it also might just be the funnest. And while at first glance it might seem intimidating, I’m here to tell you that at fifty years old, I enjoy my sled workouts more than I ever have before. Here’s the good news; no matter what the fitness level or age of your gym members, you can provide them with sled workouts too!

I was introduced to the traditional sled push back in my football days, yet this exercise and form of training has really caught on--not just for athletes, but for ALL exercisers regardless of age and/or fitness level.

Let me outline the benefits of Sled Training:

  1. Overall Total-Body Conditioning
    I love the sled since it really works just about every muscle in your body while providing major cardio benefits. Many of us, especially guys, hate cardio. To build muscle while improving your cardio endurance – it’s a win-win!
  2. Functional Training
    Most of us have an improper muscle balance; the “mirror muscles” or muscles in the front of the body are strong and get the most attention, while the back muscles (hamstrings, glutes, etc) are neglected. Sled training provides the opportunity to train ALL muscle groups while strengthening the muscles in the hip/thigh, as well as glutes and hamstrings to resemble more of the manner of how we move throughout our day.
  3. Sled Pushes Are Super Easy
    Easy? Anyone that has trained with a sled is saying, “What is this guy high right now?” No, what I mean when I say ‘easy’ is that the movement is very basic and intuitive. It is super hard to do this exercise wrong. Here at The Abs Company, we totally understand the fact that members do not want complicated or awkward exercises or machines. With our equipment, we give ALL exercisers the opportunity to WIN and have early success, so that they build confidence to come back again tomorrow. The sled is intuitive and basic; it’s easy to ‘get’ the movement down on the first try.

The one down-side of traditional sled training is the space needed to perform this awesome and must-do exercise. Your gym may even have turf or a designated area for sled training but everyone is already on it...laying, stretching, doing abs, etc. The traditional sled push can be very disruptive. If this is the case in your fitness center, I have fantastic news. The Abs Company has proudly designed a real replacement for the traditional sled. The solution – The SledMill™. While traditional sled training requires 40 to 50 yards of space, The SledMill™ only requires 8 feet! With telescoping handles, it allows you to perform sled pulls/pushes from any angle and with 450 lbs. of possible resistance, you can measure your progress and growth while pushing yourself every step of the way. It's intuitive, space saving, and safe while providing an amazing workout.

No matter if you train on the SledMill™ or on a traditional sled, you should make this exercise part of your routine.

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