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Look What Snap Fitness Wyoming, MI is doing to help retain members

Understanding the importance of what members really want, Snap Fitness Wyoming created this Core Strength Zone in their club. A dedicated area where members can go to do their entire core workout. Hear what trainers and members are saying about The Core Strength Zone in this interview with trainer Russell Fox:

Interview with Snap Fitness Trainer, Russell Fox

 TAC: What do your personal trainers think of the Core Strength Zone?

Fox: My trainers love it, its been a huge hit with both my members and my trainers. I really like the Ab Solo because it takes the boredom out of doing crunches. I also really like the Ab Coaster CS3000 because it really targets the lower and middle abs and the obliques. It is a great piece of equipment in my opinion. My members like the fact that they can do all their core work in one designated ab area.

TAC: How did you implement the new Core strength Zone into you club?

Fox: Instead of putting the equipment all over the floor, I put them in one dedicated area of my club. My members love it! We use it as an ab circuit, and I also use the Core Strength Zone as part of my club tour for prospects.

TAC: Anything else you would like to share with other club owners about the benefit of a Core Strength Zone?

Fox: Now our new members know exactly where to go to work their abs. The Core Strength Zone is easy and fun to use, especially the Ab Solo. It's like a game for your abs and it never gets old!!
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