The All New X3S Functional Core Trainer


When it comes to core training the debate rages on as to whether isolation orfunctional training is better. There are certainly merits to both sides of the discussion but what if you could have BOTH in one simple, effective and space saving machine? Now you can with the all new X3S Bench from The Abs Company.

Check out the X3S
The X3S Bench combines three movements, lower body, upper body and isolated core training into one motion while eliminating the rest period in between exercises. Not only can you train your complete core but the X3S also allows you to train your quads, glutes and hamstrings with one simple compound movement. It is total bodyfunctional training in a compact space in the gym. The X3S Bench can also challenge any fitness level with the use of dumbbells or weighted balls for a total body workout.