The Best At Home Glute Workouts

Glute training is remarkably important to the strength of both men and women. Strong glutes are the foundation of lower body health, as they ensure that the muscles and bones in the pelvic bowl remain aligned, as well as supporting the lower back. Strong glutes are key to injury prevention for anyone who does any type of weight lifting because they relieve tension from that lower back, as well as the knees. So, here are some glute workouts you can do from the comfort of your own home, with no equipment required.


A staple of lower-body exercises, squats are essential to building glute strength. To ensure good form and that the glutes are targeted, keep your back straight, and drive up through your heels. 3 sets of 10-12 repetitions will certainly engage the glutes, and as this gets easier some weight can be added for increased resistance.

Reverse Leg Lift

The reverse leg lift is a fantastic way to perform isometric glute exercises with no equipment required. To do this, lay on your stomach with your arms folded in front of you, lock your leg, and raise one leg at a time towards the sky. 3 sets of 12 reps with each leg will isolate and engage the glutes, building strength.

Leg Kickbacks

Similar to the reverse leg lift, the kickback is an isometric glute exercise/lower-body stretch that requires zero equipment. To perform this exercise, get on all fours, and kick each leg back behind you, and squeeze your glute when your leg is at full extension. 3 sets of twelve reps with each leg will have the glutes burning, as well as provide a great stretch for the pelvic muscles.

If you are looking to implement equipment into your home workouts, look no further than the X3S bench. This product allows you to get a full body workout, in an extremely small space, as well as add extreme variety to your lower-body routine. And, if you’re looking to really blast your glutes in a gym setting, be sure to use the Glute Coaster at your local gym or health club. The curved rails of the Glute Coaster™ provide the perfect motion to isolate the glute muscles and sculpt a rounded, toned posterior.

Whether you’re using high quality glute equipment like the Glute Coaster, or simply doing the bodyweight exercises listed above, strong glutes will always be a key to proper lower body strength.