The Booty Training Boom

Let’s talk about the booty

Not since Sir Mix-A-Lot’s 1992 hit ‘Baby Got Back’ has the rear-end been in so much focus on a global scale.  And it’s not just Instagram Influencers or Kardashians who are hyper focused on sculpting toned and healthy glutes; the trend has spread to millions of everyday fitness enthusiasts around the world.

Don’t believe me?  Just ask Google. The graph below illustrates the growth in popularity of the search term “booty workout” since 2004.  

It’s no surprise that fitness facilities are capitalizing on the trend. Michael Sanciprian, CEO of World Gym Taiwan understands categories and trends in fitness and believes the booty training trend is here to stay. “Glute training is the hottest category in fitness today!” Sanciprian said and with the recent addition of dedicated ‘Booty Zones’ in 100+ clubs across Taiwan, it's easy to see that he means it.

And while the traditional squat remains the people’s champion of glute building exercises, gym members everywhere are looking for new ways to build the perfect, toned booty. In 2019, Sanciprian and World Gym Taiwan partnered with The Abs Company on providing The GluteCoaster™ in all of their clubs. “The GluteCoaster™ is an intuitive and effective innovation from The Abs Company and one that we build our new Booty Club and Booty Zone around!” Sanciprian said.  With this initiative, Sanciprian and his team have ensured that their members will always have a place to build their booties!

Unlike other fitness trends (hello, Vibrating Ab Belt!) booty training isn’t going anywhere. In fact, as social media influencers find new ways to interact with their fan bases, the glute training craze will only get bigger and bigger. It’s exciting to see so many clubs like World Gym Taiwan making sure they don’t get left behind!