The Six Minute Ab Zone: A Breakdown

Recently, The Abs Company moved nearly twenty of their products to a new showroom at XL Fitness in Mount Laurel, New Jersey. The facility is a fully-functioning gym, open to the public, and proudly displays each and every one of The Abs Company’s products. Last month, it created the world's first ever Six Minute Ab Zone where you get an amazing workout on six of our ab machines in just six minutes! The routine consists of 45 seconds of work on one ab machine, and then 15 seconds rest before switching to the next exercise. Let’s walk through all six ab products in the workout.

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Ab Coaster® CS3000

The first ab product in the circuit is our ab coaster. The Ab Coaster® CS3000 is the number one ab product in the world, and allows users to get off the floor, and work the abs from the bottom up. It features plate loaded resistance for increased difficulty as well as a free swivel seat which allows users to work their obliques as well. A great use of the 45 seconds is 15 to the front, and 15 to each oblique.

Vertical Crunch™

After 15 seconds of rest, the next ab product in the circuit is our Vertical Crunch™. This product pairs beautifully with the Ab Coaster® because while the Ab Coaster® works the abs from the bottom up, this product works them from the top down. The Vertical Crunch™ also features a spot for plate loaded resistance, and a free-swivel seat for quick and easy transition into the obliques. This is another great ab product where users can do 15 seconds to the front, and 15 to each oblique.

Ab Solo®

The next ab machine in the circuit is the Ab Solo®. Sidenote, the Ab Solo®  went viral this week with over two million views on social media! The internet loves it and you will too. This is the most fun ab product on the market, and it features three touch targets, and an area for users to lean back and throw a med ball into and have it instantly returned back to them. It even features a counter so users can track how many repetitions they do. How many could you get in 45 seconds?

Abs Bench™ X3

Next up you have the Abs Bench™ X3, and this is arguable the hardest ab product in the entire circuit. It features pivots on the top and bottom so users can work the upper abs, lower abs, or both simultaneously! It also has a spot for plates on both the top and bottom, so more advanced users can add resistance. 45 seconds on here will have your abs on fire!

Target Abs™

After four minutes of work users will move onto the Target Abs™ machine. This machine is a decline bench with three different colors on the top. Utilize the 45 seconds to touch each of the different targets as many times as possible, going all the way down in between touches. Mix up which targets you are touching to ensure you’re working different parts of the abs.

Lumbar X™

The final product in the circuit is the Lumbar X. This will finish off the circuit by really engaging the lower back, glutes, and hamstrings. Just lock your feet into place, and use those muscles to pull yourself up and down over the pad on your chest. To increase the difficulty, hold a med ball or kettlebell in your hands.

This six-minute, six product circuit is everything you need to build that six pack. Down at XL Fitness, we even have a red and green light to indicate when to stop and go on each product. To see it in action, check out our VP of Sales Mike Ritter’s Big Things Workout of the week.